Chalet Cochand

Chalet Cochand ski school circa. 1940’s (photo courtesy of Laurentian Heritage Webmagazine)

Located in on the road from Ste-Adele to Ste-Marguerite, about 2 miles from Ste-Marguerite Station, this was the ski-hill of choice in the 1950’s. Read more about this venerable ski hill here.


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      1. Michelle: We were members of the Ste. Margeurite Ski Club during the mid-1970s. We spent almost every weekend there. I recall parking on one side of the lake, trekking across the lake to the ski tows, lunching in the “Club House” half-way up the hill, and then screaming downhill from the top to get as far across the lake as one could at the end of the day. Obviously, the ski season was largely determined by the lake’s ice thickness. Can you give me the site’s coordinates from Google Earth so that I could see the place again? Thanks. Doug Noltie.

      2. Dear Mrs. Sullivan, I wrote you a long e-mail but did not get any answer, How can I get i touch with you?
        I have been working in Chalet Cochand in 1964 and 1965.
        Jrene Boss from Switzerland

      3. Ms. Sullivan – I have enjoyed your comments on your property at Chalet Cochand and I have a question. My wife and I are planning to come east in April to visit my daughter in Ottawa and I am hoping to visit the old haunts of Ste. Adele, the Alpine Inn and Chalet Cochand either on April 26th or 27th. I just can’t resist a last visit and I guess I am in for a shock. If you live at Cochands full time I would love to drop in and just say hello.

        Tom Potter

      4. Tom : it would be my pleasure. You do realize that the actual Chalet Cochand is no longer standing, but I’d be happy to have you walk the land, including down to the lake, and invite you to check out the cabin which I now call home. You can email me at ms(at)michellesullivan(dot)ca. I look forward to meeting you.

  1. I worked for Harvey Clifford as a ski instructor in 1956, it was a great family family resort and we had a marvellous time with guests

    1. re : “I have a post card of the bar which i would like to send to you”
      Apologies for responding on this thread – I can’t respond to your comment above.
      Thank you very much for your generous offer. It’s very kind.
      Even a scan of the image would be most appreciated.
      You can email me at ms(at)michellesullivan(dot)ca

      1. I had the incredible opportunity to be the St-John’s Ambulance Ski Patrol leader for this site in the 80s. Great memories, Wonderful folks, I was close to the St-Marguerite Ski club members, some became good friends. Was always nervous to perform first aid with so many doctors and lawyers around me !

        As the Ski Patrol director I was offered to sleep and eat at the Chalet Cochand, called Auberge du Lac Lucerne. When the site was closed and abandoned, I took the SERPENT and FAMILIALE slope signs and they are now in my basement as decoration! I also kept a set of room keys and a t-bar stop switch as souvenirs. Also the Ski Patrol clinic sign.

        It was pure magic. The moments I remember in particular were the late afternoons at the end of the Winter When the sun was going down on the mountains Behind the Chalet and you would Do the «sweep». One last down Hill race to go across the lake, climb in the car and drive back to the city. The atmosphere in the Chalet was always joyfull and I remember the music in the discothèque area. I was a clean cut very straight young men, reading the newspaper in the hallway when one of the female ski instructors came to pull me in the discothèque while trying to frenchkiss!

    2. Hi, Des. Then I guess you knew my dad, Prew Savoy. I think he was there at the time. I’m not sure when he started working for Harvey, but I believe he was teaching up until about 1962, when he had a near-fatal car crash which crushed his legs.

  2. After one day skiing at Groton, Mass., USA, in hte early 1960’s my dad decided to take the family skiing. We went to Chalet Cochand 4 times, staying in the main lodge twice and in the cabins. Unfortunately I got very sick the first time we stayed in the cabin and I was heartbroken, since I loved skiiing so much. I remember a Japanese instructor called Ichi and how the Instructors would joust with ski poles before morning class (until that was banned due to injuries!). The level of instruction was rigorous and I thank them for teaching me classic Arlberg technique. They had a ski jump and instructors would compete, and Gluhwein parties on the snow. The bar was quite the scene for the young adults. I saw the Beatles on TV there! I went on to ski patrol 5 years and instruct for 3 years as an adult and I still love skiing today. I have fond memories of Chalet Cochand, but I also remember it was so cold our breath would freeze inside our suede face masks!

  3. I found a round metal tag in my mother in laws stuff. It reads Chalet Cochland, ski school, ski school, ski week, good until ARP 1. The other side reads; Chalet Cochland, Ste Marguerite, Quecec, Canada. My family spent time skiing there after many summers in The Mastigouche!

    1. Hello Hunter,
      would you be interested in selling your metal tag?
      I am collecting pins. patches, etc. from lost quebec resorts and hoping to put on display

      1. Hello Bob. I collected pins in the sixties. I have pins from Chalet Cochand,St Adele,Le Montclair,Hill 69,70,71 (shaped like a ski) sun valley mt Gabriel club,Mont Plante and many others.

  4. For whatever reason, I suddenly decided to Google Chalet Cochand, and whadyaknow – there it is!! My family visited (once only, I think) around 1967 or ’68. My only vivid memory: my sister was in charge of tying up my ski boots, but when I fell near the top of the hill, lo and behold, my ski. with boot attached. went careening downward, as gravity would have it, leaving me with one ski and a sock with which to navigate the hill. What fun for a 7 or 8 year old!

    1. I was there several times when our family lived in Beaconsfield on the West Island, from 1960 to 1967. It was the place where I first learned to ski, at age six, on wooden skis with no metal edges (I got my first skis with those in about 1965) and bindings that did not release. Have great memories, but also remember almost freezing to death, we did not have decent thermal underwear (I wore my pajamas under my ski pants) or liners in the mitts, which were thin nylon.

  5. My parents introduced my sister and I to skiing at the Chalet Cochand in the 1950s. We would drive north from Montreal (Senneville) on Saturdays for a day’s skiing. It was a magical place for me and I have fond memories of the ski school, instructors and the chalet; although I broke my leg at age 6 on my first pair of skis with no safety bindings!

    1. My mother worked in the ski shop at Chalet Cochand and later had her own shop in St. Jean d’Iberville called Savoy Ski Shop. She mounted many of those old bindings, which they called “bear traps,” and with good reason! A lot of legs were broken in those things.

      1. Sounds familiar, Euan. Those bindings were the worst. At the age of six, I ripped the tendons off my knee while practicing going through the slalom poles on the slope near the lodge. I called for help to the ski class across the hill and the instructor just kept saying “Get up!” I think I tore it worse trying to get up…

  6. we used to Ski in the mid 60’s & 70’s. We used to live just up the road on Guenette road. We new Emile Cochand, one of the owners. We had a membership at a ski club 1/2 way up one of the ski hills ( i cant remember)

    1. I remember in the early 1960,s I would look forward to competing in the Wednesday night ski jump competion behind the Chalet which was organized by Fritz Tchannen and afterwords have a hot drink while listening to Fritz and his wife on the accordian and sing swiss tunes.It was a very magical time for me.
      Max Pelt,member of theCanadian National Ski Jumping Team

      1. Hello Max! You might be interested to know that the ski museum in Saint-Sauveur has a copy of a record called Ski Time Music at Chalet Cochand featuring Fritz Tachannen and his ensemble, with yodelling (!) by Marill Tachannen. I couldn’t believe it when I visited, so I snapped a photo on my iPhone. I’d be happy to email it to you if you like (I don’t think we can upload photos here). You can reach me at ms (at)

    2. Guy, I think I remember your family. It was the Ste-Margeurite Ski Club (anglo version, commonly used was St. Margarets Ski Club). My family were members through the 70s. I have very fond memories of those days and was sad to recently learn, although it was some years ago, that the entire hill was closed, along with the Auberge. My local hill in NB is very reminiscent of Ste-Margeurite so I think of it often and fondly.

    3. Bonjour Guy Fortier,
      Ron Beaulieu, known then as Nanan, great times with the Jarman’s, Baley’and Sockett’s !!! Best regards, Ron!

    4. Hi Guy
      I am Emile Cochand 3ed, great to see your name,Dad passed last Christmas, .The club was Ste Margrete Ski club .Say hi to all

      1. Hi Emile the 3rd – Sorry to hear about your Dad – the last time I saw him was in Banff AB in the early 80’s (your dad was older than me by a few years). I grew up with your dad and your grandfather. My parents lived 2 doors down from your grandfather half way up the hill across the lake. Stephen

      2. Hi Emile
        Sorry to hear about your dad – last time i saw him was the early 80’s in Banff, AB. I grew up near your grandparents on the lake side – 2 doors down. My parents and my 2 bothers skied and raced for the Ste. Marguerite Ski Club. My dad and uncle built the club house near the bottom of the hill and my mom and aunt ran the canteen inside the club house for years. My days there were from late 50’s (when I was 3) until 1972 before moving to Ottawa, ON

        Even though your Dad was older than me by a few years I remember him at the hills, mainly since we had to ski past your grandparents house to get home and since there were only 5 houses on that part of the hill.

        Dad was heavily included with the Ski Club and even ran the ski school that was part of the ski club for years as well.

        I have fond memories of that time in my life growing up there.



  7. Hello! I’m the new owner of the land on which sat Chalet Cochand and own the smallest of the cabins. I’m a history buff and would love to interview all of you by phone/Skype (or in person if you’re close by) to capture and preserve your memories. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me –

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I live in Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC and I have been doing some Genealogy research on my family. This has led me to many interesting places…like here. I loved Chalet Cochand and if I can help you in any way let me know.

  8. Like Guy and John above, my family spent winters on the ski hill at Chalet Cochand. We used to drive up from Beaconsfield on Friday, and stay the weekend, spending evenings at a small rented cottage somewhere between the hill, and Ste. Marguerite Station. You had to walk across the ice on Lac Lucerne in the morning to get to the tbar lifts, and as Guy mentioned earlier, there was a clubhouse half way up the run called “The Slalom”. It was known as the Ste. Marguerite Ski Club, and it was something of a co-op affair operated by several families if I’m not mistaken, and the first family to arrive in the morning would open up the clubhouse for the day. Chalet Cochand was across the lake, and up another hill a bit, with several runs on that side as well serviced by a chair lift. There was a short poma lift that linked the 2 sides of the resort.
    I have very fond memories of those days.

  9. I have many fond memories of spending a ski week at Chalet Cochand in the late 60s. I worked downtown at Bell Canada at the time and with 2 other girls spent a week each year enjoying lessons. I remember that my ski instructor was Austrian and we all wanted a tan like his. 🙂 At the end of the week we skied at night with lights doing a criss-cross pattern across the slope hoping not to fall. We wore mukluks, Bogner ski pants and Icelandic sweaters. My skis were wood at the time but at Christmas I was lucky to receive a pair of red Fisher Alu. I went on to join the Canadian Ski Patrol – Laurentian Zone and later patrolled Owls Head in the Eastern Townships. I think I still have a tear-shaped brown key from Chalet Cochand in my trinket box…..
    I still love skiing, last time was last year in Chamonix, Mont Blanc staying at my daughters chalet in the valley. She lives in England so they had to buy there so their sons would grow up loving to ski as we did. My grandsons are fortunate to have such a great place to ski.

  10. What a lovely post. I really appreciate your comments. I had wood skis at Chalet Cochand, and only got a pair of 205cm red Fischer Alu’s in 1968 I think it was. I loved those skis. I had Marker Rotomat bindings on them, one of the most dangerous bindings I have ever used but managed to not have any major crashes on them. I joined National Ski Patrol in the late 1970’s and patrolled for 5 years at little Blue Hills Ski area in Milton, Mass.

    Some years after Chalet Cochand closed I was wandering down Charles Street in Boston and went into Marika’s Antique Shop. In a small basket on a display case they had some trinkets and I found a sterling silver maple leaf stamped “Chalet Cochand” and I got it for $5 US. I still have it and keep it safe so I can’t lose it!

  11. Is this the same thing as one I just saw on TCM on an old “Traveltalks” feature called “Quebec in Summertime”? It was referred to as St. Adele Lodge, and had a large swimming pool with two diving boards next to it. There was a diving show put on by a local group of stunt divers. Interesting stuff. Anyhow, the picture above looks a lot like the one in the feature.

    Wish there were more pictures. I just decided to look it up on the internet and see if it still exists.


  12. Kay,
    St. Adele Lodge was much closer to the centre of Ste. Adele, just off the road towards the Chanteclerc resort. It has now almost completely disappeared although it had its own ski-hill which continued until only a few years ago as Hill 60/40. I believe there might still be a gatehouse for the lodge on Emile Cochand Street. Do you have a link for the traveltalks you mention, thanks

  13. No, it was just one of the features they sometimes play between movies on TCM. I’ve never been to Canada and when I saw this, it made me want to look it up just to see if it was still there. From the research I did, there are many beautiful resorts in Canada. I am not a skier, but it would be fun to go during another part of the year. I just need to pick the area, the resort, and get someone to go with me.

    Thanks for the info on this lodge. It must have been a wonderful place!

  14. Hello All.
    Ive been reading these great posts about Chalet Cochand and my God do I miss that Place. It sounds exactly the same as when I lived there except back then (1982) it was called “Auberge Lac Lucerne”. Ive been sitting here reading these posts and I’m astounded by the number of people that share the same fond memories that I do. My name is Nick Anderson and in 1981 My mother and Father, Nelson “Wyn” Anderson & Nancy Anderson owned a restaurant on Chalet Cochand or “Auberge Lac Lucerne” called “LA HUTTE” (which specialized in rotisserie chicken like St Hubert or Swiss Chalet but better). La Hutte was on the right side of the Auberge facing the road,T- Bar, lake and mountain on the other side of it. I used to race down the T-Bar side as fast as I could so that I could get as far as I could across Lac Lucerne so that I didn’t have to cross country as far to the Chair Lift waiting on the other side. My Family and I Lived in Ste. Margeurite du Lac Mason when I was 10 years old. I went to an Anglo school in Ste, Adele which only had 46 Kids from kindergarten to grade eight. The winter of 1982 there was a Teachers Strike for 3 months. For a 10 year old Kid who loved to ski and whos parents just happened to own a restaurant on a ski resort this was like winning the lottery. JACKPOT! All I did was Ski. Eat. Sleep. And I loved it. I would teach smaller kids once a week how to ski.(Snowplow around Caution Cones) and The Resort would give me a season Pass. I was a Ski Brat, an unstoppable fearless little guy who broke his brand new Rossignols the first day I got them. I’m not sure how the 1950’s and 60’s were but things were groovin there in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. I remember sitting on the chairlift listening to early Springsteen over the loudspeakers and staring at the gorgeous Lauretian Scenery. stopping at the Restaurant for a quick bowl of chili and a kiss on the forehead from Mom and I was right back out there for what seemed like endless winter fun. My sister and I Chantal (who is four years younger than me) will never forget that place it was great. I have so many stories and memories from those days long ago.I have pictures of the restaurant in boxes somewhere I’ll have to dig them out. Ive Skied all over Canada and The U.S but Lac Lucerne is where I learned how to Ski and where I have my fondest memories.I now live in Tillsonburg,On My Sister in Ajax,On. Our parents are both Deceased. Nelson”Wyn”Anderson 51 died after a long battle with Cancer in Sept of 1999. My Mother Nancy Anderson 60 died in Feb of 2013 of Cancer as well. They both Loved living and working in Ste Marguerite and Loved The People from the surrounding area who patronized the Restaurant. I met so many interesting people from so many places while I was there. Unfortunately My folks had to close the restaurant in the summer of 1983 because it was the first winter in I don’t know how many years that It didn’t snow. Like at all. We had 2 great years and then BOOM! No Snow. What?! My Parents were devastated.So unfortunately The Ski Resort Lac Lucerne Shut its doors and then La Hutte followed suit,because it could not survive from just the locals and highway traffic. The Ski Patrons were our Bread and Butter so to speak. We moved to back to Montreal in Late 1983,Toronto On in 1986,then London On in 1987. I am now 42 Married and have 4 children. One day soon I am going to take them on a trip to St. Margeurite and show them where there grandparents lived,worked and played. Hopefully its as beautiful as I remember. Thanks for posting your experiences its stirred up a lot of fond memories.

    1. I have the same found memories of the place as everyone else on this thread. My aunt and uncle Paulette and Jean Brunelle owned the cottage right next to Chalet Cochand in the 70`s. They had 5 sons and I just have the best memories of doing the ski in and ski out thing when I would stay for a couple of weeks at a time around the Christmas holidays each year. I remember doing the same thing as Nick, bombing down the kiddy hill to get as far across the frozen lake to get to the other side. In the summers my aunt and uncle would have big parties by the pool on the immaculately maintained grounds. Unfortunately, my late uncle sold the cottage in the 80s just before the resort closed and the property and cottage are now a mess. It breaks my heart when I drive by every couple of years.

  15. NICK – thank you so much for your comments. It makes me realize how important family can be and how important a little ski area can be, creating a community of people from all over with their fond memories from the heart. Best wishes!

  16. Nick,
    Interestingly, you and I are the same age. I remember the restaurant! I also remember the Auberge was owned by the Theriault family around that time, we skied there from the time I was 2 (1974) until we moved to Oakville, Ontario in 1983. I was in Montreal last week, and I drove up to Lac Lucerne, only to discover there is absolutely no trace of the resort anymore. Everything is now on private property. Was sad to see given the rich history of a resort that was originally opened in 1917!! The hills are now densely forested, the Hotel is long gone. Our family went back to the Ste. Marguerires Ski Club several years after we moved to Ontario, which was very fortunate as it seems that it all shut down shortly after.

    1. Martin,
      For sure it’s not the same site, but it still has the spirit of it, i do own the cottage cabine and we prodely live in it, and you might be one of many who stops by my place and ask if it was here, !!!

  17. @Sean – Ah too bad I missed you! 😉 I actually own the land on which the Chalet Cochand once stood, and the small log cabin which used to sit behind it, and which you now see from the road. It was once the honeymoon cottage, and later the general store of sorts, from what I understand. The pools were buried (and may one day be unearthed…) when the resort was demolished in the late 80s. Apparently by then it had been abandoned and teens were breaking into it to party – the municipality ordered its demolition. At least, this is what I’m told. The Ste Marguerite historical society sells an interesting DVD of Cochand history, taken from Emile Cochand’s home movie collection – you see some nice footage of the resort and ski hills. Worth picking up. I believe you can order it online through their website.

  18. Sean,
    You are the first person I know who remembers La Hutte. Thanks for the update. It must have been very weird seeing an empty spot where the auberge, restaurant and hills used to be. Its kind of erie and sad to hear and think of. I still want to make the trip one of these days just to check it out for myself. I wish I had some pictures of it from the early 80’s. I could only find pictures from the interior of the restaurant but none from the exterior. If anybody on this thread could post one I’ would really appreciate it. I really miss that place. Thanks again Sean and thank you too Michelle and Mark .Cheers

  19. To Kay Fulford

    You are certainly right, there was a local group of stunt divers and I was one of them so many years ago. They were Jean Marc Demers, Russ Miller, Archie Cummings and I. It was a lot of fun putting on these funny wool suits and hats and acting the fool on a weekend afternoon. I am not sure I could even hobble to the end of the board now. I have very fond memories of the summers and winters in the whole area and still miss it and all the hard work that my Father put into developing the Ste. Adele Lodge, Alpine Inn and area. Hope to go back this summer just for a look.

  20. Our family were members at Ste. Marguerite ski club from 1972 until our last run in the late 80’s.
    Our two sons were instructors for the late John Charters who ran the ski school. In fact we still ski and at times meet some of the old members.
    Sean Dubreuil, I remember you well, your parents are Pat. & Ron.

    One of the best episodes of our lives!

    Norm. & Viv. Balleine

    1. Hi Norman,
      Do you remember “La Hutte” the Small restaurant at foot of the hills by the road, in between the lake and the Auberge? My family owned it in 1982. I have fond memories of the ski club.


      1. Hello Nick – sorry for jumping in on this conversation.
        I own the two acres east of the Cochand parking lot – and so the land on which Chalet Cochand and its swimming pools stood, as well as the smallest of the log cabins (known as the Honeymoon cabin from what I’m told). I also recently acquired the 6 acres across the street, down to Lac Lucerne. My understanding is that this would have been a ski slope in winter and that cars would have driven down to the lakeside in summer.

        I’m trying to figure out where La Hutte would have stood, exactly. Were you right across what is now Pierre Peladeau facing Chalet Cochand? Farther east or west? I do have neighbours on either side of my 6 acres of land sloping down to Lac Lucerne, so La Hutte may have been off what is now my property.

        Would love to know and to see photos if you have them.

        I’m also dying of curiosity to understand the topography of the 2 acre portion of my property. All the postcards I’ve seen of Chalet Cochand seem to indicate that the land was flush to the road, but my land is actually higher than the road, about 20 feet or so in. The first 20 feet in from the road are level, then the land rises up sharply about 3 feet or so. The driveway, however, gently slopes up, and crosses over to the parking lot. So I’m totally confused. Any insight you might have would be appreciated.

        – Michelle

      2. Hi Michelle, I do have pictures of the restaurant but only of the inside unfortunately. Pictures of my Mom, Dad, sister a cook, and a waitress whom I believe is from St Marguerite. I will find the pictures and scan them. Maybe you will recognize them and can tell me who they are. I am planning on making a trip up to Montreal & St. Marguerite in the summer with my wife. I can show you exactly where it was located. I was 9 years old then…lol I used to play with a boy across the road (I can’t remember his name) His family was Swiss though and the House or Chalet was very Swiss looking. It was directly across the road from the restaurant. On the same side as the hill Lac Lucerne is on. When we have an exact date that we are coming there I’ll let you know so that I can show you what I know. In the meantime I’ll find the pictures and send them to you. Thanks Best Regards Nick

    2. Norm, you’re absolutely right. Sean is my younger brother and our parents are Ron and Pat. I agree wrt best episodes of our lives. I have fond memories and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I live in New Brunswick and my local hill reminds me a lot of Ste. Margeurite. Many families with season passes, small enough you know most if not all, people with cottages and cabins around the hill. It’s almost hard to imagine these days but there are still some gems around. I hope you and your family are well.

      Scott Dubreuil

  21. Hello Emile,
    Would you by any chance have any pins from Chalet Cochand? I am trying to put together a collection of pins from our lost areas to hopefully exhibit someday.
    Bob Mattigetz

    1. Bob I can check and see if I have extras but I do have both crests and pins from the 60’s since I raced for the ski club and my dad ran the ski school sometime in the 60’s, built the club house, my mom and aunt ran the canteen as well during the 60’s so I might have extras – stephen

  22. I recall a ski shop, across from the Auberge, at the bottom of the hill. It was run by a M. Chadelle(?) who I believe was married to a Cochand. Am I right here or am I losing it?

  23. Scott,
    I thank you for your response. Under the title “Small World” I X-Country Ski & Cycle with a group. One of our group is named Jeremy Fancott, a retired AC Pilot. Only last week, I asked him if he knew someone named Ron Dubreuil. Well! It was as if I had mentioned a long lost friend. He lives in Pointe Claire now, although he may have lived in Beaconsfield in your time.

    Anyway, It was good to hear from you, Take Care, . . . Norm. B.

    1. Hi Norm,
      My mother was in touch with Mrs. Charters recently, she sent my mother some information on the club and it’s past, including some old newpaper articles. i will mention Jeremy to my Dad when I see him next. As Scott mentioned, we still ski, and look back on those days at Ste. Marguerites fondly! Cheers.

  24. The internet is a most wonderful thing.I have been writing a family history and I recalled learning to ski during a winter vacation in Canada at the Chalet Cochand. I had to find out if it still existed, and I found your site.
    I remember starting out with lessons on the bunny hill with rope tows. By mid week we graduated to the T-bar. My parents spent the evenings in the lounge, singing and carrying on as parents do. One night was a costume party and they dressed me up as a penguin carrying a light up box that said “Smoke Cools”.I am trying to locate a picture that was taken of my brother and i with a big black bear on our last day.

  25. My wife and I were married in Washington, DC on July 1, 1967. We stayed at Chalet Cochand as part of our honeymoon trip. (But not in the previously mentioned Honeymoon Cottage. We were in the main building.) Every other day we drove to the World’s Fair in Montreal. Surely we have some photos. But it will take some looking and, of course, they aren’t digital.

    Jack Landers, Bethesda, MD, USA

  26. I learned to ski at Chalet Cochand when I was 4 years old, in 1952. My parents were Douglas and Peggy Macdonald. I have fond memories of the slopes, the rope tow, the Easter carnival, the lodge, and the, to me, magnificent fireplace with the smell of woodsmoke.

  27. Aaaaahhhh! Chalet Cochand! My dad, Prew Savoy, was a ski instructor there, and my mother, Jean, worked in the ski shop (maybe she ran it for awhile, I’m not sure). Anyway, a lot of “bear trap” bindings were screwed on in that shop! My favorite was breakfast at Betty Wallace’s restaurant, where we chipped the ice off the laces of our short leather ski-boots and Betty taught me and my sister to fold napkins to look like a tepee. This was in the late 50’s and early 60’s. How well I remember “Little Emile” bombing down the hill–he was a fearless skier even as a small kid! When my sister and I were tucked in for the night at Magnolia Manor (the name of the old house where some of the ski instructors stayed), the instructors partied up in the lift-house at the top of the mountain and then did their late-night run down the mountain carrying flaming torches–no ski poles.

  28. Interesting feedback – I lived with my parents and siblings half way up the ski hill on the other side of the lake from the late 50’s thru 1972. My father was the one that built the Ste. Marguerite Ski Club building and we were 2 doors down from Emile Cochand senior and little Emile. I have fond memories skiing and ski racing the hills from age 3 thru 16.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I remember you and your family from the club. I also remember your family owning a cottage just down the road from the one we rented for a few winters. It was across the street from the golf course. I also have fond memories off those times and all the great families we had as ski club members. I live in NB now and our local ski hill reminds me of Ste. Margeurite’s in many ways.

  29. I have some GREAT photos of the Ste. Marguerite Ski Club and of lessons being taught on the hill at Cochand. I’ll have to get them together at some point and share them with you. I remember being at your house, Emile, and seeing you ski in around 1961. You always skied like a bat out of hell! And I’m afraid I still think of you as “Little Emile!” My dad was Prew Savoy. He taught at Cochand until he had a devastating car accident that crushed his legs. My mom worked in the ski shop for awhile on weekends, as well. Gerry and Giselle Glavin were also good friends who were part of the scene at the hill. I think Giselle taught. I was a wimp. I would take the lift up the hill and walk down the slope to the chalet for a hot chocolate. My father was humiliated!! I can still hear the great recordings of yodeling that played while we were waiting to get on the lift.

  30. Hi Gary, would you be interested in selling some of your pins. I have amassed quite a collection also and hope to display them somewhere in the laurentians one of these days.

  31. I have a couple of the small triangular pins issued after the end-of-week on snow skiing test. I also have a maple leaf sterling silver pin stamped “Chalet Cochand” found in an antiques shop on Charles Street in Boston (Beacon Hill area).

    1. Hi Mark,
      I actually never did ski at Chalet Cochand unfortunately. My ski school started at Mont Ste. Agathe followed over the years by Mont Fugere, Mont Alouette, Monts Plante. We also managed to ski at Hills 40/80, Carling Lake and countless others. I started collecting pins again about 5 years ago in hopes of some day displaying them at various ski hills etc.
      If you ever plan to let your pins go, please contact me.

  32. I have so many fond memories of the 1960’s at Chalet Cochand and Mont Cochand. I remember the wonderful families that made up the Ste.Marguerite Ski Club…..names like Cochand,Beaulieu,Johnson,Baley,Sockett,White,Dorkin,Jarman,Wilson,Savoy,Alford,Swan and the list goes on and on. I see that ” Little Emile” and Nanan have made entries above. They “owned” the hills….I aspired to become a great racer like them. As a proud member of the Ste.Marguerite Ski Club and later the Martian Ski Club I competed in and won many Laurentian Zone races at different junior levels Class D&E, C, B and finally A. before going on to a more National scene. I am very proud to say I won the Heim Trophy in 1964 right on our home hill. I still have the gold medal. But it is was the people, either weekenders or full time home owners who made the place the best place possible for a young person to grow up.

    If you do see this entry, Emile, I want to say how sorry I am to learn of your Dad’s passing. My father, Peter, passed away in Kelowna , in 2005. I know that your Dad and mine stayed in touch and remained friends for a very long time.

    Stephen White…I remember your dad, Hubert, and your family. Euan Swan….I hope you are doing well.

    I hope that more of the old gang, submit information. This site has been an wonderful find….

    Mike Read
    Prince Edward Island

    1. i still have my Ste M Ski Club pin, and photos of Sockett girls at my 5-yr. birthday party, held at the chalet of my uncle and his gal pal, IJ Lash & Mary McHale. Some of the Cochand family members collect memorabilia.

      1. Hi Rochelle, I enjoyed your post…..I too have my old Ste. Marguerite Ski Club pin. All the best, Mike

  33. So nice to see your post, Mike. Thanks for including us, and my dad, Prew Savoy, in your list of the denizens of Cochand. I keep meaning to post photos. Does anyone remember Betty Wallace’s Restaurant?

  34. Hi Suzanne, My father,Peter and your Dad were friends way back when….I do recall the name, Betty Wallace, but I can’t seem to remember the name of the restaurant. So nice of you to respond. In many ways the area shaped much of my life’s journey. I settled in Prince Edward Island and worked as an administrator at the university there for a long time.

    The interesting thing is that I coached skiing for years in PEI, of all places.I sold ski equipment out of my dorm room at UPEI when I was a student and helped develop ski racing at the ski hill there and of course that was all the result of my upbringing in Ste.Marguerite Station. I never lost my love for the sport. From the age of 39 through 50+ I raced at the masters level representing Atlantic Canada at the National Championships at Whistler many times and competed in 1993 for Canada in the International Master’s. In 1992 I was named Canadian Masters Skier of the Year. Again, all because of the start I had at Mt. Cochand and Chalet Cochand.

    My first coach in Ste.Marguerite was Jack Jackson and then Eugene Chadelle. The spelling might be a little off…

    Now at 69, I’m retired , no longer skiing, but enjoying winters in South Carolina with my my wife and best friend, Ellen, who was one of my racers while coaching in PEI.

    I hope that I hear from others who have reconnected with Chalet Cochand.

    All the best,

  35. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your recent posts which I have vey much enjoyed reading! I was introduced to skiing at the Chalet Cochand and skied with your brother Rusty. What a wonderful sport and I have fond memories of my early years there!
    Euan Swan

    1. Hi Euan,

      Nice to hear from you. We are presently in North Myrtle Beach,SC. Russ lives in North Carolina and has had some recent health problems, but is recovering well. He should be down to see us very soon. I’ll let him know you mentioned him. He does remember skiing with you.

      We all lived in wonderful times…

      All the best,



  36. From: Baird Alford

    Chalet Cochand was where my closest friends and I learned to ski and race and have the best clean cut fun anyone could imagine. I won my first and only race on the slalom hill at 10 beating all the 10 -12 year olds in the Montreal School system. Later my mother married Emile Cochand and I went on to be Ski School Director from 1984 to 87. It was called Manoir du Lac Lucern then. Honestly some of the best years of my life were spent there. Magical memories. Baird Alford

  37. Hey Baird,
    My brother ,Russ, [Rusty] and I were talking last week while spending a little time together in North Myrtle Beach,SC. Your name came up as well as Pogo’s and so many others from our past as young bucks in the Laurentians. I saw Pogo in 1990 and 1991 while visiting my Mom who was living in Kelowna. We enjoyed some beer and played golf at Gallagher’s Canyon when it was first opening.
    It was great to read your post……I actually live in PEI most of the year. I brought up my family there…three great boys. I’ll be 69 next week….How did that happen? All the best and if you ever talk to Pogo please say Hi!

    Mike Read

  38. Great to read all your posts! Yes it was a magical time! Suzanne , I lived in your grandfather’s home on Guenette road and knew your Da!!! Hi Baird, Nanan

  39. My parents Doug and Peggy Macdonald and I spent winter weekends at our house on Guenette Rd in the ’50s. I took skiing lessons from Harvey Clifford. Still skiing! Wonderful memories.

  40. OMG, the name Harvey Clifford rings a bell. I grew up on the rope tow at Cochand (and snow-plowed down the little hill to the lake, and it seemed like the Alps!). Remember the scarred mittens and burned armpit of our jackets from the rope? I still have my Ste Marguerite Ski Club pin, which we wore on our bright green jackets, with a white V. I walked the hill yesterday (May 20, 2017), and found the concrete blocks that held the lift. My uncle IJ Lash, and his gal pal, Mary McHale, had a cottage down the road, in the 1950s. (I am still skiing, too, because of all those fabulous memories).

  41. How wonderful coming across all these posts about chalet chochand and the Ste marguerite ski club. My family were members in the 1970s up until 1980 or so (Juliette and Sandra Marsh) still have my old membership badge with photo for the ski club! Great memories were made at that club during the winters and summers were spent playing golf at the Alpine Inn golf course. Some of the names on these posts are very familiar to me.

  42. We were members of the Ste. Marguerite Ski Club somewhere between 1973 and 1977. The long trudge across the lake at day’s end was always a chore. The place had a homey feel to it, different than the big ski operations where you were clearly just a day client. I’m sorry to hear that it has closed, but happy to see that the land is reverting back to nature. I recall there being some old tow equipment rusting in the bush; hopefully the last or the new owners will have removed these reminders.

  43. I spent many Saturdays skiing at Cochands in the 60’s. I recall in the spring having to negotiate melting snow on the lake (Lucerne?) and hoping to not fall through.
    The cross country ski trail ‘Maple Leaf’ still exists and connects to Far Hills Inn although it is ungroomed and somewhat overgrown. Still fun though. Trees have grown up in the old downhill runs however making them almost as Is they never existed.

  44. As child my family were members of the Ste-Marguerite ski club. I remember my ski instructor John Charters who taught me how to ski. Loved him. Later on when I was a teenager his daughter was my ski instructor. It was a great hill and I have fond memories.

      1. I started ski g there in 1966 when I was 4 years old. My older brothers had started earlier. I only remember the poma lift and the t bars.

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