This sweet micro ski hill, run by the Basler family, was located in Morin-Heights. With a fine Laurentian-style Swiss basehouse and a ski shop located in a separate hut, it closed down around the time ‘Ski Morin-Heights’ opened up.


3 thoughts on “Bellevue

  1. My parents had a cottage on Lac Echo, just a mile from Morin Heights, and I learned to ski on the Bellevue, which was also the name of the hotel the Basler family owned. Bunny Basler was the skier in that family, and I believe he had some relationship with Ernie McCulloch, of Mt. Tremblant. For a number of years the tow at the Belveue was run by my uncle, Ken Binns. There was also a ski jump adjacent to the hill, built and run by the Viking Ski Club. Back in the early 50’s a rope tow was all there was, and we all dreamed of the time when we could ride the T-bar at St Sauveur. Later on in the 50’s our high school had an annual ski trip between Christmas and New Years, to hills 40-80, and later to Christieville. I remember going to the movie at St Adele and walking all the way back to the YMCA lodge in Christieville with a few friends, which was a fair hike at midnight.

  2. Richard,
    Great info, thanks. I have a photograph that seems to be Bellevue but is inscribed ‘Ken and Eddie’s’ – it would be from the late 30’s/early 40’s I believe. Was your uncle the co-owner of the hill before the Baslers got involved?

    1. I remember the name “Ken and Eddie’s” ski hill, but it may have been a rope tow on the other side of the road that operated for a short time before they moved the operation to what became the Bellevue hill when the Baslers got involved. At this point I would not trust my memory too well. It was,after all, over 70 years ago.

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