Laurentians in the summer: Horseback riding was a big thing

A summer activity that was popular at the Laurentian skiing lodges was horseriding. Here we can see equine activities at the Laurentide Inn at Ste. Agathe.


Lodges: Lac Ouimet Club

Continuing our look at the multitude of interesting inns and lodges that underpinned the Laurentian skiing experience.

Lac Ouimet Club wr

On the back of this postcard the text reads “Lac Ouimet Club, St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada in Mont Tremblant area. A year ’round club, de luxe accommodations, fishing and hunting camps. St. Jovite base of Wheeler Airlines with all seaplane and landplane facilities.” Date: suggestions welcome, but late 50’s/early 60’s is my guess.

Note the Red Ensign flying and Wheeler Airlines was part of the Gray Rocks set-up.

PHOTO: The Laurentide Inn



Submitted by Ashley Van Etten:
This is a photo of my grandparents, taken in the late 30’s-40’s. My grandparents, Roys (Rosie) and Margie Ellis, were Americans, my grandfather having grown up in Detroit but spending much time in Alqonquin Park at the Taylor Statten Camps as a boy and on Caribou Island in Lake Superior. He had a love for adventure, skiing and the wilderness and became a pilot for American Airlines.

Laurentide Inn is referred to in this article.