New discovery: Jasper in Quebec

After five years of working this website, it is great to come across another long-lost ski hill – Jasper in Quebec – in St. Donat. The postcard below dates from 1938. Jasper is a resort in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and the creators of this hill obviously hoped to get some of that western Canadian glamour attached to this laurentian hill.  I don’t have any info on the back story on this hill so if you know anything please jump in with a comment.


I know this hill had a fantastic art-deco base-house and will load an image shortly.

Richard S. Rice


8 thoughts on “New discovery: Jasper in Quebec

  1. Growing up in Val David and Ste Agathe, my father and mother were involved in skiing, as instructors and in management. Coming from Austria, it was natural my father was involved with many ski areas at the time. He was an agent for ski lifts and grooming equipment in the sixties, and a ski area manager. I skied many small areas that no longer exist. Mt Jasper being one of them. One area not often mentioned near Ste Agathe was Foster’s Ski Hill, off old Route 11. I met Alex Foster, another skiing pioneer on several occasions as a boy. Now I am living in Colorado, it’s a different environment. Skiing and ski hills have become so corporate, not a family affaire, out of your local town any longer.

  2. Hi Harald,
    Fantastic info, thanks. Will look into this Foster’s ski hill – he famously invented the tow-rope at the Big Hill in Shawbridge. Agree about the corporate ski hills, though there are still some good ones like Vallee Bleue in Val-David.

  3. Our family used to make the 2 day drive to jasper from Long Island NY during our winter school spring break in the late and early 1950’s/60’s. They included three meals along with skiing And lodging. Must have been a great deal for my folks to make that drive for a number of yrs. Can still remember the little white boxes we would get with our lunches in them to picnic on the hill on those bright spring skiing days. Only remember one t bar and a rope tow off to he left side. Looking at the ski areas in St. donat now….could one of them just be built over it? The view from the hill overlooking the frozen lake brings back strong memories as well. (D.Q., happily in Vt for 50 yrs now….born in 1949). Hoping to see that lodge pic you say you have……

  4. I have a lovely painting on a slice of birch labeled Jasper in Quebec.
    It is skillfully done by someone with the initials A L.
    Wish I knew more about the place and the artist.

  5. I grew up in Stowe Vt. and frequently looked at articles, and ads, about Quebec areas. I was intrigued by the many little areas between Montreal and Mt. Tremblant. I saw a photo of Jasper-in-Quebec. The article, or ad, stated that there was a 4,000 foot t-bar, which would have been lengthy for those little Quebec areas. I believe the ad/article also stated that there was a 1,000 foot vertical drop, which would have been unusual, as well. Are there any existing stats on the lift and vertical? My memory is from 60 +/- years ago. Steve Blodgett; Winooski, VT USA

  6. The ski hill was bought for a housing development project many years ago that was spread out through several phases. There is now a road to the top of the mountain with houses along the way. I don’t think it has been as sussesful as many of the lots are unsold and many houses are for sale. Not a pleasant drive up and down in bad weather! There was a plan for a marina below the base on the water, but that was nixed by the town. The base lodge is still there-was a school for some time but is now vacant. There is a sales office located at the base as well. Mont Garceau and La Reserve are still in operation and seem to be doing quite well.

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